Have a little faith

At the start of human life, parents hope nothing but the best for their children. There is hope for them to find love, become their own person, and even make something of themselves. But what is a scary thought in a young adult’s mind is ‘what is my path’? For years I have been struggling with this, asking questions, making mistakes and doing things out of the ordinary. 

What I have found throughout my journey into my 20’s, is that change has saved my life. Being alone with no one you have ever seen before can put you in the position of fear; but fear is what makes us face ourselves. It is important to not only know yourself, but what you are capable of. In my case, this is only the beginning. 

Explore the world that is out there, big or small. Chances are, you will run into someone that made the same journey as you. The world is your own to take and to make it count. 


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